【100% Free Rebate】Easiest way to Cash-in method via UnionBank Online

100% Rebate with UnionBank

To come to the point, the reason why I would want to recommend UnionBank for cash-in is that there is 100% rebate. So, in other words, you are free from transaction fee when you use UnionBank.

If you use other bank like BPI or Security bank, it cost some fee for cash-in. But, for UnionBank you will get 100% rebate for the fee.

100% rebate!!!!

There are two ways to cash-in using UnionBank. One is to use UnionBank online banking. Another one is to use UnionBank Cash Deposit.

But, I would recommend that you should use UnionBank online banking. That is because simply you can save time and it’s easier to do cash-in. If you use UnionBank Cash Deposit, you have to go to the nearest branch all the way.

By the way, the money that you will cash in will be transferred within 24 hours. As far as I know, most of the time you will receive on your peso wallet within a few hours.



Get UnionBank Debit card if you don’t have

If you don’t have UnionBank Debit card, go get it first. Before I started using coins.ph, I didn’t have it. So, I applied for a Debit card on UnionBank website, I remembered it only took like 10 minutes or so to finish filling in the form.

After that, I went to the nearest branch with required IDs, then I was able to already get the card after an hour. It was so fast and easy!

By the way, what I got is GetGo unionBank debit card. Annual fee is only P500, and there is no minimum maintenance fee. Since this debit card is connected with GetGo, every time you spend with it, you will earn points.

What is going to happen is that once you have enough points worth flying to somewhere, you can do for free through Cebu Pacific!




Download the app of UnionBank for cash-in and out

If you haven’t downloaded the app of UnionBank online, click the button below and download it on your iPhone or Smartphone.



How to cash in

First, go to coins.ph site and click “Cash in”.

You see some payout methods on your  screen. Go click “UnionBank Online Banking”. The money you will transfer will go to Peso Wallet within 24 hours.

If you don’t have the app yet, download first.

Enter the amount. Since you are getting 100% free rebate, select “Peso” for Cash-in.

After inputting the amount, click “Next”. Then you see a confirmation pop-up. Click “Confirm”.

Since there is the free around P40 for this money transfer, the amount due will be P40 plus. But, don’t worry because you will have 100% free rebate on your Peso Wallet when receiving the money you transferred.

Look at the top, you gotta pay within 7 hours. Otherwise it will be invalid in the end.

Then, go to UnionBank app. After logging in, click “TRANSFER FUNDS”. Select the menu “Another UnionBank Account”.

Enter 12  digit account number which was shown on the “Complete Your Payment” in coin.ph site. Put the due amount. And Just click “NEXT”.


Go back to coins.ph site and click “Mark as paid” on “Complete Your Payment” page.

It’s almost done. Just one thing. Go to your gmail which you registered with UnionBank. You have received an email about transfer confirmation.


Just copy and paste the reference number, then put it in transaction ID. After a little while, you will receive an email that your money has been added successfully to your wallet.

Congrats! One you get used to this process, you can finish it up within 10 minutes just like me.




That’s pretty much about how to cash in via UnionBank. See you around.


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