Who are the founders of coins.ph

What “coins.ph” Does

First of all, I guess you don’t really know about coins.ph well, so Let me tell you about it as easy as possible.

Coins. ph was founded in 2014 Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson. It is a financial service platform. This service runs by blockchain technology.

Coins.ph uses digital currency so that charges for all the transactions will be much lower than banks do.

Since anyone can use this service even if you don’t have local bank accounts or credit cards, you can transfer money easily, shop online and pay bills and so on through coins.ph, which can be done only on your mobile phone.

How amazing that is!!

That means it will definitely help 300 + million people who are unbanked in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia since the economy in the Philippines is going up year by year.

I do hope that it will help lots of people’s lives not only in the Philippines but only Southeast Asia  better.



Check out some videos

This is a youtube video of Ron Hose. Check this out.



Check out their Website

Here is the founders’ introductions of coins.ph. To get to know more about what they’re doing, click here.

source of a quote: coins.ph official site




Hope it helped you understand what they’re offering us in the Philippines. See you around.



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