【Guidance for coins.ph】 6 Things to Make Full Use of “coins.ph”

1: Paying bills

You can pay bills by using coins.ph. Take a look at the options below. There are a lot to select!

On smartphone
  • Electricity – Meralco, Cotobato Light, Davao Light, ILECO, and more
  • Water – Manila Water, Maynilad, Laguna Water, and more
  • Government services – SSS Contributions, PhilHealth Premium, NBI Clearance, NSO
  • Telco – Globe, PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, and more
  • Broadband – Globe, Smart, Sun, and more
  • Cable – Cignal, My Destiny, Sky Cable, and more
  • Credit card – BDO, BPI, Citibank, PNB, Unionbank, and more
  • Tuition fee – La Salle Greenhills, Miriam College, and more


I use credit card option the most. All you need to do is to fill in the form below. It may take up to 3 business days to process your bill.



You can earn P100 at most by paying the bills

This is really unique way of paying the bills. Who would think that you would get P100 by paying the bills. But, It is possible with coins.ph.

Of course, there is a condition. You need pay at least 5 different kinds of bill payment per week (Monday to Sunday). Each bill has to be at least P100 bill.

Then, you will earn P100 rebate. It will be credited to your PHP wallet next Wednesday.


At least P5 rebate

Even if you are not gonna pay 5 different kinds of bills in a week, you can still get P5 for per bill. I’m sure it’s always going to be fun to pay bills and you will love after all.



2: Buying or selling prepaid load with 10% back

You can not only buy prepaid load but also can sell prepaid load. This is super rewarding. You can also buy load any online banking, but of course you cannot make money out it.


Get 10% back

Any Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, or TM number is available. In addition to that, you can get 10% back on all load. If you load 100 pesos, you can get 10 pesos and could give it to your wife or any family member.

I’ve been using this service already for months. So far, it’s amazing to get 10% back every time I load. It’s like you’re earning money from it.

First, I’m gonna show you how to buy load by some photos taken. Let’s take a look.


Here is the icon to “buy load”



How to sell prepaid load and earn some money

Make sure that you have some money on your peso or bitcoin wallet.

A process is exactly the same when buying load. You can sell any of your friends, co-workers or acquaintances when they need load. After selling prepaid load, as I already mentioned, you will get 10% back.



3: Sending and receiving money or bitcoin

You can use either Peso Wallet or Bitcoin Wallet(BTC) to send and receive money or bitcoin.

The screen shot is on Peso Wallet on my iPhone, and if you slide your finger to right, you can see BTC wallet as well.


  • Send and receive option of Peso Wallet



Anywhere and anytime in the Philippines

This is the power of technology.

You can send or receive money anytime through internal wallet even if it’s already late at night or you’re in super rural area, as long as there is the internet.

If it’s bank, you have to think of their working hours when sending or receiving money

Of course at first you need to cash in money to your Peso or Bitcoin Wallet though.


No charge for fund transfer

As long as you transfer money or bitcoin though coins.ph, internal wallet, you won’t get charged for that. Well, it’s technically the same with how it works with local banks in this case.

Of course if you transfer money or bitcoin to an external wallet, you will get charged depending on the amount you would like to send.



No fee with internal wallet to wallet

Regarding the remittance fee of peso or bitcoin, if it’s internal wallet, which means you send money or bitcoin between coins.ph and coins.ph, there is no fee at all!

I think it’s just as same as using money transfer using the same bank. You don’t need to pay fee, do you?



Send money or bitcoin worldwide

You can also send and receive money or bitcoin even if you or the other one were in a different country.

Let’s say I was in Japan, but you were in the Philippines. I want to send him some money. Here is the thing that will happen when you use coins.ph or any other bitcoin wallet.


Till when do you need P5000?
Usually a few weeks, right? And how much is the fee by the way?
I can send it by tomorrow at least cuz I’m using bitcoin wallet. The fee’s around P150.
That fast and that cheap to send??? What a nice wallet!


I told my friend that I would send it via bitcoin wallet. I’m using bitcoin wallet provided by a Japanese company, but my friend is using coins.ph.

Do you think it’s impossible to send money in that situation? The answer is “No.”

What I’m going to do is I just click “send”, and put my friend’s bitcoin address and slide to pay. That’s it.

My friend already has money that I sent with her as soon as the transaction is confirmed in blockchain. This is how  simple and easy it is to transfer money.


only a little transfer fee with external wallet

Here is the difference between coins.ph and local banks.

When you send money to other local banks, there is a transfer fee around P100 to P150.

In addition to that, if you send money to any bank overseas, you know how much you get charged. It’s a lot, but it depends on which bank you will send money to. As far as I researched, it will be at least around P670 to P1800.

But if you transact between bitcoin wallet to wallet and a recipient or a sender is in a different country, it will only cost around P150.

Unfortunately, transfer fee is not fixed. It changes depending on the market rate.



4: Buying and selling bitcoin

You can also buy and sell bitcoin. As you can see above, The bitcoin rate really fluctuates well. As of 2017, November 21, 1bitcoin is P427,388. That’s really a big money, but it doesn’t mean that you need to buy it from 1bitcoin.

Lowest amount that you can start to buy bitcoin is from about P10. Based on the current rate, it will be BTC0.00002734. It’s really easy to start investing, isn’ it?

By the way, BTC is a table note that is used for bitcoin.

What are you waiting for? Let’s be a investor now!

By buying and selling bitcoin, you can earn some money if you know a little tips of the timing of buying and selling. I’ve been buying and selling for a few months already, and so far, I earned around 4 to 5K a month.

I also started doing the same thing with Japanese bitcoin wallet, so the amount of earnings will double after all.

I’ll tell you how to earn money from bitcoin in another article.



5: Getting paid

If you have bitcoin account, you can actually get paid as well. So how? There is a bitcoin address provided by coins.ph.

All you gotta do is just give the address to the sender. And of course the sender also has to have his or her bitcoin address though.

Here is the way to check whether you get paid or not.


First, go to dashboard and you will see “History”. After clicking that, you can see all the transactions which have done on PHP wallet and BTC wallet.

Look at the red framed box there, I actually got paid by coins. ph after buying prepaid load. It’s not like I got paid from a person, but that also goes same way.



6: Buying Game Credits


From dashboard, go to “All”. You will see the icon “Game credit” on the third line. After that, go click “Game Credit” and choose any account you want to load up.



7: Shop online

Currently, on mobile app, there is not shop menu yet. So, you need to go to coins.ph on PC. Click the red framed box.


From this page, you can get to know which services you can use for online shopping like buying stuff or electronics from US, booking a hotel and the like.

In addition to that, there is also a remittance service from EUROPE, which is for filipino OFW. If one of your family live in Europe, you must check it out.




Thank you for reading all. Here was the 6 things to make full use of coins.ph. See you around!

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