【Mobile Version】How to Buy Prepaid Load at coins.ph

First, I’m gonna show you how to buy load by some photos taken. Let’s take a look.


Log in to coins.ph and click “buy load”

After logging on coins.ph, go to “buy load”. Then, you need to put a phone number and amount to load.


Put a phone number to load

You can either put a phone number manually or choose one from your contact list. If you already know which to load like just loading your phone or your friends’ phone, use your contact list.


Put amount to load

You can only see P10 to P50, but there are more options to go. After P50, you will see P150, P300, P500 and P1000.



Aside from “Load” tap, There are also “TEXT” and “COMBO”. Depending on what you need, you can choose the best one!


Slide to right to pay

This is the last part. You just need to slide to pay. That’s it. You get a text confirmation via SMS within 10 minutes, but as far as I’ve experienced, it’s within a minute.



Go received P10 and P1 back!




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